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Cheers to 2021!

2020, the year of face masks, cleaning supply shortages, and of course, toilet paper hoarding! 2020 certainly was a whirlwind year. As you have no doubt experienced in your own life, dear reader, Covid-19 has impacted just about everything. For the wedding and entertainment industries in which I have chosen to work, business slowed to a trickle. Unfortunately, social distance and small gatherings don't usually vibe with a dance party, who knew?

Much of my DJing happens on the Spirit of Baltimore, a dinner cruise line based in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, but I have not been on "a three hour tour" since February of 2020 (almost a year, where did the time go?). The cruise line as a whole did there best to operate, but dancing just wasn't in the cards.

As for weddings, they DID happen, and the happy couples had to learn to be flexible as Covid restrictions tightened their hold on the industry. I am happy to say that many observed safe social distancing and mask wearing (as did I) and we still managed to have a good time. Many venues had their own rules and regulations to encouraged safe reveling, and I was happy oblige with announcements and my own encouragement.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that 2020 brought with it a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW DJ to the company: my daughter Harper, born in May.

Now we look to 2021, a year filled with promise, and hopefully, plentiful vaccinations. Many of my weddings were moved to this year, and even some scheduled for early this year are now being moved to summer time and beyond, in the hopes of outrunning further Covid-19 restrictions and landing squarely in a time where the most stressful part of planning a wedding is the seating chart, or choosing the hors d'oeurves. On that note, I am working with all of my clients who need to move there date as best as I can, with no financial penalty (no second deposit, etc.) and so long as I'm not already booked, settling in on the new date.

That also means I am still accepting NEW clients. Did you get engaged this holiday season? Are you tentative about starting to plan for your big day? I am at your service! Let me help take a little stress out of the planning process, which includes providing planning materials, and offering advice based on years of experience and countless private events. Additionally, stay tuned to the blog for semi-weekly musings and tips on navigating wedding planning. I also have plans to overhaul the look of the website, and add new videos, mixes, and recordings for your viewing and listening pleasure. Cheers to 2021!

Best Wishes,

Andy Felicitas


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